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Eagle Annuals

This page lists the new Dan Dares adventures in Eagle Annuals from the first annual of the new Eagle onwards.

Eagle Annual 1983

Menace of the MekonIan Kennedyauthor unknown
Dan and friend are beamed up from a fairground by the Mekon. Dan escapes from torture and captures the Mekon, he attempts to return to earth in the Mekons escape craft but the mekon escapes in the escape crafts' escape capsule.

Return of the MekonArtist: Gerry EmbletonAuthors: Pat Mills/John Wagner
Reprint from Eagle no 1, 27 March '82.

Eagle Annual 1984

UntitledArtist: Oliver FreyAuthor: unknown
Dan Dare, Helen Scott and Sugar Joe Robinson are on space station Mega 9 in Mars orbit when they are attacked by treens, they eventually escape to Mars.

UntitledArtist: Oliver FreyAuthor: unknown
Whilst holidaying on Moonbase Enjoysville, Dan is attacked by a security guard who has been posessed by the Mekon by means of a capsule injected into his bloodstream.

Eagle Annual 1985

UntitledArtist: Oliver FreyAuthor: unknown
Earth Fort is under attack from the Mekon, Dan Dare is saved by a shape shifter from the planet Impi.

Eagle Annual 1986

UntitledArtist: Keith PageAuthor: unknown
The Collossus of Rados, a kind of Mt. Rushmore carved into the side of an active volcano is under threat from the increasing activity of the volcano, an eruption causes a nearby prison to open up, releasing dangerous prisoners. Dan Dare is sent in to deal with the problem.

Eagle Annual 1987

UntitledArtist: J.B. HigginsAuthor: Unknown
Digby and Robo-1 are captured by the Mekon and used as hostages to entice Dan to the Moon, where he is captured. The Mekon attempts to kill the 3 captives by gassing them with Venusian swamp gas but there is an explosion and they escape unharmed.

Eagle Annual 1988

UntitledArtist: RedondoAuthors: unknown
The Mekon captures a space freighter, Dan and Co. arrive too late. In retalliation they make a daring raid on Venus to get the Mekon whilst in his food bath, guarded by zoms.

Eagle Annual 1989

UntitledArtist: RedondoAuthors: unknown
Space Station XK-27 is captured by the Mekon, on thier way to the station, Dan Dare and his Eagles, aboard the Britannia Eagle are teleported by one of the Mekons' devices to a distant galaxy where they battle the Pulpons, after defeating them they return to foil the Mekons' Earth invasion.

Eagle Annual 1990

UntitledArtist: Keith PageAuthor: unknown
Dan and Velvet O'Neal follow the Mekon to the Dormiscean Federation Games on Phabros, where shape changing treens are trying to assasinate the Thane of Kardua.

Eagle Annual 1991

UntitledArtist: David PughAuthor: unknown
On Centuri 4 the giant tank Warspite loses control and releases prisoner Gendibal Raath, who fuses with the tanks' computer, he is eventually destroyed when Dan hits upon the idea of beaming too much information at him, overloading the tanks' circuits.

Eagle Yearbook 1992

UntitledArtist: Jon HawardAuthor: unknown
Dan and Digby visit the Zelthon B colony which has been destroyed by an alien monster, the monster is eventually killed by Digbys' cold virus.

UntitledArtist: Jon HawardAuthor: unknown
The Mekon hijacks a cargo vessel and takes it towards Earth. As it approaches Dan is suspicious and when invited aboard, he and Digby are prepared for a treen ambush. A fight ensues, but the Mekon escapes.

Thanks to Roy Maclean for his incredible artist spotting abilities!
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