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Computer Warrior

The Computer Warrior was a cunning way of featuring various computer games in a comic strip format. The original premise of the story was that Bobby Pattersons friend, Martin French had found the codeword to enter his computers real-life facility, but af

The Computer Warrior ran from April '85 onwards. Here follows a list of the games that Bobby Patterson undertook in the strip.

Some of these games can be downloaded by FTP by clicking on the hyperlinks provided, in either Spectrum or Commodore 64 format.

Grab a Spectrum emulator and a Commodore 64 emulator.

Game Author Artist Isssue no. Date Download
Zyklon Attack D. Spence John Cooper 160 13/4/85
Wizard of Wor D. Spence Ian Kennedy 163 4/5/85
Pastfinder D. Spence S. James 168 8/6/85
Rescue on Fractalus D. Spence John Cooper 174 20/7/85 Spectrum:- Slovenia
The Great American Cross-Country Road Race D. Spence Ian Kennedy / John Cooper 180 31/8/85
Ghostbusters D. Spence Ian Kennedy 187 19/10/85 Spectrum:- Slovenia
C64:-USA Holland
Walls of Jericho D. Spence John Cooper 193 30/11/85
Desert Fox D. Spence Mike Western 200 18/1/86
Psi 5 Trading Company D. Spence Mike Western 210 29/3/86
Uggabula D. Spence Mike Western 216 10/5/86
Silent Service D. Spence Mike Western 220 7/6/86 Spectrum:-Chile
Kung Fu Master D. Spence Mike Western 226 19/7/86
Infiltrator D. Spence Mike Western 232 30/8/86 Spectrum:-Slovenia
Gauntlet D. Spence R. Smith 251 10/1/87 Spectrum:-Slovenia Chile Spain
Express Raider D. Spence R. Smith 260 14/3/87
World Games D. Spence R. Smith 268 9/5/87
Ace of Aces D. Spence R. Smith 274 20/6/87 Spectrum :-Spain
Metrocross D. Spence R. Smith 281 8/8/87
Impossible Mission B. Waddle R. Smith 286 12/9/87 Spectrum:-Slovenia Chile
Sidearms B. Waddle R. Smith 294 7/11/87 Spectrum:-Chile
Black Christmas B. Waddle R. Smith 301 26/12/87
Wizard Warz B. Waddle Mike Dorey 306 30/1/88
Battlefield 3000 B. Waddle Mike Dorey 314 26/3/88
4th & Inches B. Waddle Mike Dorey 319 30/4/88
Dream Warrior B. Waddle Mike Dorey 324 4/6/88 Spectrum:-Slovenia Chile Spain
Blood of Dracula B. Waddle Mike Dorey 330 16/7/88
Bionic Commandos B. Waddle Mike Dorey 336 27/8/88
Road Blasters B. Waddle Mike Dorey 345 29/10/88 Spectrum :- Spain
Thunderblade B. Waddle Mike Dorey 355 7/1/89 Spectrum :-Spain
The Deep B. Waddle Mike Dorey 364 11/3/89
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders B. Waddle Mike Dorey 372 6/5/89
Forgotten worlds B. Waddle Mike Dorey 384 29/7/89
Indiana Jones B. Waddle Mike Dorey 396 21/10/89 Spectrum:-Slovenia Chile
Slay Ride B. Waddle Mike Dorey 405 23/12/89
Turbo Outrun B. Waddle Mike Dorey 410 27/1/90 Spectrum :-Spain
C64 :-USA Holland
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts B. Waddle Mike Dorey 415 3/3/90 Spectrum :-Spain
Crack Down R. Clark Mike Dorey 432 30/6/90
Dynasty Wars Tom Tully / James Nicholas Mike Dorey 438 11/8/90
U.N. Squadron James Nicholas Mike Dorey 446 6/10/90
Time Warrior James Nicholas Mike Dorey 455 8/12/90
E.S.W.A.T. James Nicholas Mike Dorey 464 9/2/91
Space Attack James Nicholas Mike Dorey - '91
Mercs James Nicholas Mike Dorey - Nov. 91
Army War James Nicholas Mike Dorey - Mar. 92

There are some more, but I stopped buying Eagle Comic at this point, so if anyone can tell me what comes next I would be most grateful, and I'll give them a mention here!

As far as I know these are all real computer games. I have only played five of them myself, Ghostbusters (C64), Gauntlet (Spectrum), Impossible Mission (BBC), Thunderblade (Sega Master System) and Turbo Outrun (PC).

If you are interested in finding more games for the Spectrum and Commodore 64 then you can use the forms below to search for them by name or company, the entire name does not need to be entered, four letters is a sensible minimum.


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