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The Dan Dare A-Z

This A-Z is an adaption and expansion of the A-Z which appeared in the 1987 Dan Dare annual. As such it deals primarily with the "new" Dan Dare as featured in Eagle between 1982 and 1989



Astral training college: The training college attatched to Space Fleet, for young pepole of all planets. Here they learn the basics before joining Space Fleet proper.

Atlantines: This blue-skinned race were originally humans, residents of atlantis, they were taken as slaves by the Treens and during thier centuries of captivity on Venus developed blue skin and extra tear ducts to cope with the planet's conditions. The Atlantines have lived in peace on Venus since gaining thier freedom during the time of the original Dan Dare.


Baynor: Alien who allied with and was later betrayed by the Mekon.

Belendotor: The planet of the Timads.

Britannia Eagle: Space craft used by Dan Dare and his team of "Eagles".

Bushuyev, Yelena: The Russian payload specialist on the Zeus-9 mission. An attractive woman, she was unfortunately killed when the ship returned from deep space.


Chaos project: At Earth Fort the "Chaos Computer" contained all the data on deadly weapons. Only in a dire emergency could it's terrible secrets be unlocked and revealed.

Cypho: A member of Dan's crew. A rather fierce looking alien who acted as the space colonel's Galactic interpreter.


Digby: The ever-faithful batman to Dan Dare. Like his great, great grandfather, he looks after "his colonel" and stands with him, unflinching, through many a danger in outer space.

Drakken: Bat-like alien race who infested the Earth

Drankuin: This panda-like alien of the planet Zarton had a very impressive title: commander and leader of all combat units in the long standing war against the insect forces.

Dreamland: A theme park planet, now derelict which was partly designed by the original Dan Dare.


Eagles: The team collected by Dan Dare after his resurection by the Mytherons. The Eagles consisted of Tremloc, Velvet O'Neal, Andy 'Zapper' Lawrence and Apsilon Stelth.

Earthfort: A massive defence network, the one thing that stood against the might of the Mekon when he occupied the Earth during Dan Dares absence.

Enjoyous: An artificial planet created for pleasure on the edge of the universe. A place where people's dreams and fantasies can become reality.


Foodbaths: the way in which the evil Mekon and his Treens recieve thier food. They are immersed in great tanks and the necessary nutrition is absorbed into thier systems.

Flamelands or Flamebelt: The area at the equator of Venus that divides the Treen north from the Theron south. Here are great plains of lava and erupting volcanoes.


Gahork: Commander of the Imperial Legion of the planet Tamna-7. Was transformed into something smaller than an atom and found a "host body" in poor Hilda Hodgson!


Grenzorian: A huge monster that Lord Baynor and the Mekon sent out against members of Space Fleet in a kind of terrible "blood sport".


Ham-2: The chimp who was sent out on the "Project Zeus" mission to see if it was safe for humans to follow. Dan Dare had a certain affection for this little chap.

Hodgson, Hilda: The very rich fat lady who played unwilling host to the alien Gahork, while holidaying on the pleasure planet of Enjoyous.


Intrepid: the spaceship that brought Dan Dare and Sugar Joe Robinson back to the Solar System, only to find Earth in the hands of the cruel Mekon - again!

Investigator: The giant ore carrier, whose crew became prisoners of Lord Baynor.


J.J.: The robot who encountered Dan and Sugar Joe. He had a varied career - and appearances!


Korzak: The planet where the Mekon was released from his space-bourne prison and once again sought terrible vengeance on Earth.


Lawrence, Andy 'Zapper': A youth who helped defeat the Mekon when he travelled back in time to 1987. Dan subsequently took him to the 23rd century where he joined Dare's Eagles.

Lewis, Geoff: Dan Dares rival during training. He greatly resented Dan being named Commander of the Zeus manned mission into interstellar space.

Lifeguard Robots: small robots used to look after the health and well being of crews in hibernation during long space flights.


Mekon: the sworn enemy of Earth and thier Theron friends on Venus. Leader of the Treens and driven by his desire for universal conquest and the advancement of Treen science.

MOOSEsuits: A name given to Manned Orbital Operations Safety Equipment - Space Fleet issue.

Mytherons: Mysterious beings who resurrected Dan Dare after his death at the hands of Dargath.



Orion: A large, old freighter launched by LASER beam, so valuable space is not wated on fuel.

O'Neal, Trooper Velvet: A young woman, half Scouran, attatched to Dan's crew, who later accompanied him after his reanimation by the Mytherons as one of Dare's Eagles, and remained with him in later adventures.


Pinkerton, professor: A female space communications expert assigned to Dan Dare's crew. Professional and experienced, she does have a softer side too.

Prodkov, Major Dmitri: Took the spaceship "Magpie" to look for the crew of the "Investigator". Unknown to him Dan Dare had stowed away on the mission. Sadly killed in action.



Ramsay, Sir John: The "space fox" of Earth Fort. Space Fleet's first British Commander since the first Dan Dare.

Renagol: The leader of an alien invasion of Earth, was little more than a giant brain, he was accidentally killed when Robo-1 tripped over his complex life-support system.

Robinson, Sugar Joe: The coloured American, a close friend of Dan's and a constant companion. Brave and fearless, he was tragically killed while fighting the Treens.

Robo-one: This robot friend of Dan's is a robot with a difference - he has emotions! While endearing to the humans, it can sometimes cause problems. Has helped Dan Dare out of a few sticky corners.


Scott, Lieutenant Helen: The resistance leader of Space Fleet, cover name of Zeta. In the hottest of battles she was a very cool fighter.

Star Rider: One of the many cruel mercenaries employed by the evil Mekon while he occupied Earth. Tall dark and ruthless he had, as an executioner, a shark called Zarkuda.


Tam: The robot taxi, who had a Scottish accent. Came to Dan's rescue and chameleon-like was able to change his colour to fool his Treen persuers.

Telesender: The Treen equivalent of a Star Trek transporter.

Therons: The peaceful race of Southern Venus, dark skinned and light haired, they are a gentle race who have come under attack from the Treens more than once.

Timads: Gentle aliens who transported an unwilling Dan Dare to thier planet Belendotor. Dan helped them to defeat a race of invading aliens who were attacking them without reason.

Treens: The race of Northern Venus, green skinned and highly intelligent. Under the leadership of the Mekon, Treens have misused thier advanced science for the means of making war.



Valdon: The Treen who deserted the service of the Mekon, his master, to help Dan Dare, Sugar Joe and Helen Scott.

Venus: Home of the Treens, Therons and the blue Atlantines. A planet of fantastic cities, dense jungles, flamelands and, of course, the Mekon of Mekonta.


Walters, Greg: Commander of the ill-fated Eath freighter the "investigator". In true captain's fashion he offered himself to Lord Baynor and the Mekon to save his crew. Was brutally killed by the two aliens.


X-847-B: The code name of the planet where Dan Dare found Lord Baynor and the Mekon.


Yang: A Chinese officer in Dan Dare's crew. Likeable and efficient, he fell foul of the alien Gahork and, like Hilda Hodgson, became a host body for him when he transformed himself.


Z-99: Experimental spacecraft that Dan used to investigate the Mekon's dirty work.

Z-100: Successor to the Z-99, when commanded by Dan Dare it was one of the latest of the Space Fleet's deep space craft. It carried all the latest technology.

Zarton: Planet destroyed by the war between the "mammals" and the "insects".

Zeus: The Zeus Project (2203) was to take men to the stars, Dan Dare was appointed commander of this mission.

Zom: The Treens version of a dog. These rather fearsome creatures were, originally, used by the Mekons forces for tracking. Unlike Earth dogs, the zom carries a rather deadly horn on its nose. Not recommended as pets!

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