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Roleplaying Games...

I've been involved with a number of roleplaying groups, for the past ten years or so, on and off (mostly off in the past few years!). It struck me that I've used quite a few systems, so I'm using this space to list them and to thank the GMs and other players that I have played with.

Some of my favourite games

System Gamesmaster Setting Character name Race Profession
Dungeons and Dragons Mark Wilks D+D land! ????? Human Fighter
Dungeons and Dragons Vance Greaves D+D land! Biffo/Boffo Halfling Prince
Star Dragons Mark Wilks Outer Space ????? Human Spaceman
Mercenaire Adam Warne Vietnam Eddie Toms American Medic
Mercenaire Adam Warne Holland WW2 ????? German Criminal
Mercenaire Adam Warne Wild West Edwin Thomas American Sheriff
Warhammer Adam Warne Warhammer land! ????? Halfling Cleric
Call of C'thulu Gareth James 1920's England Lord Edward Thompson British Gentleman
Star Trek
Chris Gardner
Outer Space
????? British Helmsman
Shadowrun Darren Winterbottom the Future ????? American Ex-Cop
Earthdawn Pauline Oxman Barsaive Endil Thrimp T'Skrang Thief


It seemed to happen in games Dungeon Mastered by Mr. Greaves, our chemistry teacher, that when a character was killed they would be replaced by thier brother. In this way after the death of the dwarf Grimli, his brother Gromli joined the party at the next town. Similarly with Biffo and Boffo, two halfling princes. The first met his death in an incident with a magic beanstalk, it started growing at a phenomenal rate, with Biffo on top! It was quite a nasty fall. The second died whilst trying out the powers of an heirloom, a powerfully magical sword which had its own conciousness and could telepathically communicate with Boffo. It also allowed Boffo to fly. Unfortunately, flying up to a manticore to swipe at it with a sword is not such a good idea. Boffo found this out the hard way. The last his companions saw of him was the sword flying off to the next in the family line ... with Boffo's arm still attatched.

Eddie Toms

My Vietnam war character, Eddie Toms, got into more scrapes than most. A black man, he was in charge of the infamous Lee brothers, redneck twins from the deep south, who were rumoured to be paid up members of the Ku Klux Klan. Understandably things were tense to start with! However once they had fought together barriers seemed to drop and the Lee brothers began to have a some respect for Eddie.

One of Eddie's greatest triumphs came when he and another soldier were trapped in a latrine belonging to the North Vietnamese. The idea was to knock out two Vietnamese as they came in and escape disguised in thier clothing. Unfortunately all thier clothing was far too small for Eddies 6'5" companion! The pile of bodies built up behind the door, until in walked a Russian general, whose uniform was almost big enough. Needless to say, when the pair tried to sneak away they were immediately spotted and chased into a paddy-field, where they hid under the water breathing through reeds! They also managed to aviod the machine gun fire that was raking the place at the time.

Eddie also made a few mistakes, the first time he led a patrol a party of North Vietnamese was spotted. Eddie reported to his C.O. that they had come across some North Koreans! His worst error of judgement occured when his patrol were trapped in a bunker with the sound of approaching troops all around them. In a fit of panic, Eddie decided to call down a napalm strike, it was only after they got out that they found themselves surrounded with dead Americans!

Lord Edward Thompson

Lord Edward was an eccentric English gentleman. He had lost his marbles in a big way during the Great War. He habitually wore a pith helmet and always carried a tin of baked beans with him. Despite this, he was still accepted in society. On a journey on the Orient Express with a number of his friends a series of mysterious murders took place. Unfortunately the group were such poor detectives that it only became apparent to them who the culprit was when only one suspect was left alive.

Edwin Thomas

Edwin Thomas was my Wild West character. Initially a law abiding sherriff, he was forced to go along with a band of bandits when his family were threatened. He soon found that he was profiting so much by this arrangement, that he was happilly co-operating with any local criminal who had enopugh money for a bribe!

Herman the German

I can't remember the name of this character, so Herman will have to do. He was one of a German "Dirty Dozen", he had been imprisoned for homosexual crimes (His C.O. had failed to get him into bed!).

Star Dragons

If you're wondering, Star Dragons was a heavily adapted Dungeons and Dragons. All the usual fantasy stuff plus spaceships, lightsabres and the like. Mark Wilks was only 14 when he made this adaption, yet he was able to set up a convincing universe, where magic rubbed shoulders with space age technology.

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