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Information on Eagle Strips, Part 2

Legend of the Linkits

An advertising platform for the linkit construction toys. Linkits were somewhat less versatile than lego and things made from them looked somewhat like a random collection of holey spheres. This didn't stop the Eagle making a comic strip of them, however, featuring the battle between good and bad linkits robots on the linkits planet.


Like other characters originating in Wildcat comic, Loner explored strange new worlds. He differed from the others in that, yes you've guessed it, he went alone! this strip was drawn by David Pugh, who went on to draw Dan Dare.

Mach One

A reprint from 2000AD, Mach One was a secret agent who was given superhuman strength by some arcane technological process.

Mach Zero

Reprinted from 2000AD, Mach Zero was the failed forerunner of Mach one, posessed of superhuman strength but exceedingly dimwitted.

Manix originated as a photo strip then became a drawn story, with Manix changing appearance between the two. Manix could do this because he was a robot secret agent and could be altered to go unnoticed. His second appearance, as a tall, muscular, bald headed man would surely be instantly forgettable....?


Another advertising platform, this time for the Mask figures. The Mask strip had come from it's own comic. It featured the battles between the goodies and the baddies? Anyway it was pretty much standard fare.

The Monster

Originally a Scream strip, the monster of the title was Uncle Terry, who for some reason I can't quite remember was a kind of shambolic wreck, frighteningly ugly, hopelessly dimwitted but basically gentle. If I remember correctly, his nephew was trying to smuggle him to Australia...but I might be completely wrong.

My Pet Alien

An unusual premise for a story, this strip was about an alien who takes over the body of a dog.

News team

This strip was about an intrepid bunch of reporters who travelled to distant and dangerous parts of the world.

One-Eyed Jack

Jack McBane was a tough cop. Apart from his eyepatch he looked and acted like Dirty Harry, although I'm sure that any resemblance was purely coincidental. I think this may have been a reprint from 2000AD, Jack certainly had big enough flares to make me think that it was written in the 70's.


They were like the transformers, only not quite as good. The same probably goes for the comic strip.


A photo-strip set in the wild west ... goodness knows where the photos were taken!

Sgt. Streetwise

It was a photo-strip about an undercover policeman, apparently he was very popular with the female readers!


Story about a police dog...almost as boring as Bloodfang (animal stories do nothing for me).

Star Rider

A really unusual strip, this. Star Rider was a boy who was relly good at BMX, most other comics would have left it at that and tried to make stories out of the ups and downs of his riding. Well, that did feature in the Eagle strip, but he also had a secret, he was an alien! at moments of weakness he would transform back to a slimy tentacled thing!


A plague had spread throughout the Earth, the only survivors were a handful of children and a few adults who had mutated into fearsome creatures. The strip followed one boy as he gradually contacted more of the surviving children. Quite a gripping tale which was spoilt by it's odd ending, when aliens landed.

The Thirteenth Floor

This strip originated in Scream. Maxwell tower was the most advanced tower block in the country. The residents were looked after by Max the computer, who ran the building, but Max had a secret. He could take troublemakers to the non-existant 13th floor in his lift, and there he could conjure up all manner of nightmares for them. The thirteenth floor developed from this point, with Max causing and solving all kinds of problems, even at one time combating a russian computer that had hacked into his data banks and getting involved with MI5. At one stage Max was the 'Editor' of Eagle, as well as starring in his strip. The final episode of the Thirteenth Floor strip had Max removed from Maxwell Tower, and packed in a box labelled "King's Reach Tower", then home of IPC magazines, publishers of Eagle.

Thunderbolt and Smokey

Photo-strip about two boys who play football.

Tower King

Another grim depiction of the future I think the Tower King lived in Tower Bridge, but I don't remember it too well.

Walk or Die

Walk or Die was a photo-strip about a group of children who had survived an air-crash..they were walking through the wilds of Canada in search of civilisation.

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