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Information on Eagle Strips

Amstor Computer Story

This was a different story each week, usually with a clever twist at the end, which was supposedly written by the Amstor Computer.


A rather silly story about the battle against giant ants in the fictional South American country of Bolavia.

the Avenger

Eagle's only attempt at a superhero type strip. The Avenger was a schoolteacher by day and a Captain America type by night.

Billy's Boots

This story was originally from Tiger comic. Billy Dane was an ordinary schoolboy, but when he put on his football boots, which once belonged to a soccer star of the past he became invincible on the pitch.


A story about a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

the Brothers

The gripping tale of twin brothers who are involved in a car crash which kills thier parents. One of the brothers lands in a pool of radioactive waste which mutates him to an ape like state. The story traces thier escape from hospital and quest for a doctor to find a cure.

Charley's War

Charley's war originated in Battle. It follows the experiences of a young soldier in the Great War. One of the grittiest and least glamourised war strips I have seen.

Computer Warrior

Primarily a platform for advertising computer games, this strips variety kept it fresh throughout it's long run. Bobby Patterson's friend Martin French was trapped inside his computer, having found the code for the real life facility. Bobby could only rescue him by completing a certain number of games using the real life code. Failure would trap him in the computer. Bobby did save his friend, but other curcumstances drew him back into the computer world, which developed over the years into a well defined alternate reality.
Take a look at the games he played and download some from my Computer Warrior page

Comrade Bronski

A rogue KGB agent starred in this atmospheric strip.


The initials stood for 'Dial a Dawn Destructor', Dawn Destrustion were a rock band who moonlighted as detectives.

Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future

Dan Dare, great, great grandson of the legendary space hero was the flagship strip in Eagle over it's lifetime. Take a look at the Dan Dare section.


Originally a Tiger strip. Blake Edmonds was a stuntman who had suffered horiffic burns in an accident. He kept his face hidden behind a mask to all but his girlfriend, Suzi Walsh. The pair found that they gained an affinity with the supernatural and found themselves battling against ghosts, vampires and the like. This story featured superb artwork by Vanyo.

Detective Zed

A strip set in London of the future, it dealt with the adventures and misadventures of robotic detective Zed.


Kaz, Chas and Dogbone, three young men in search of a job. This story has them involved in all kind of scrapes and money-making wheezes.


One of the longest running stories in Eagle, it told the tale of two aliens from the planet Nox, despatched in turn to pass judgement on mankind. The first, Doomlord Zyn, failed in his attempt to destroy mankind. The second, Doomlord Vek, ruled in favour of Earth and became its protector. Vek went on to have a half human child, Enok. The story becomes very strange at the end when Vek becomes evil and two Enoks battle it out above the Earth. We discover that the one that wins is a vampire, and the story ends abruptly!

Dark Angels

The Dark Angels are a gang of young skateboarders who go in for a bit of detective work on the side.

the Eagle One-off

Like the Amstor Computer story before it, the Eagle one off was a short strip, usually with a twist at the end.


This three frame cartoon strip by Dave Fallows featured the eagle 'Ernie' who provided plenty of laughs over its long run.

The Fifth Horseman

One of the early strips, I don't remember it too well apart from the fact that it was pretty spooky!

the Fists of Danny Pike

This strip, illustrated by John M. Burns, told the story of a Liverpudlian boxer who works his way up to Heavyweight champion of the World.

A really silly strip about a man who is given a hand transplant, the hand comes from an infamous mafiosi and before long it is taking him over. The daft plot is saved, however by Vanyo's superb artwork.

The Hard Men

Clovis and Chowdhary were the hard men! A rather unmemorable strip, I think they were a bit like the Professionals.

The Invisible Boy

This photo-story featured the son of a scientist who could turn invisible through the use of one of his fathers inventions. When he gripped a watch battery he would dissappear. I can't remember quite what the point of it all was... but I'm sure it made sense at the time.

Jake's Platoon

A WWII photo-story... It followed Jake and his Platoon!

Joe Alien

A strip from Wildcat. Joe Alien was exploring planets along with the other Wildcat strips. Being an alien, he had the advantages of stretching limbs, re-growing limbs and a detatchable brain (not so hot, that last one!).

Joe Soap

A photo-story featuring the worlds worst private eye. He would accidentally obliterrate evidence and generally not have a clue about his cases. Through blind luck, Joe Soap always solved the case in the end!


Johnny Red

A strip from Battle. John Redburn was a British pilot flying with the Soviet Air-force in WWII. Bog standard war strip, but it did have it's exciting moments.

Kid Cops

A grim portrayal of a future world. All those of fighting age are on another planet fighting a war. On Earth all who remain are the weak and the young. The responsiblity of policing goes to children, they are Kid Cops.

Kitten Macgee

A strip from Wildcat. Kitten Macgee and her all female team are exploring new worlds and facing strange alien manaces!

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